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The Difference Between Microblading & Hybrid Brows? It Lies in the Technique.

There was a time when only #microblading existed. #hybridbrows, #powderbrows & #ombrebrows wern't even really on the radar until a few years ago- whereas microblading has been present in the beauty industry for 10+ years.

Microblading is a super natural looking option for those looking to shape up their brows. Microblading mimics the look of hairs, by using a handheld tool that implants pigment into the skin. With microblading, you are left with beautiful full looking brows that look just like that- natural brows.

With that being said, a trend of "more makeup-y" (yes, that's a word) looking brows emerged- with ladies wanting a little bolder brow that mimicked the look of eyebrow penciling. Filling in your brows with a pencil definitely gives a more one-tone, solid color and definition to the brow.

The #hybridbrow was then born.

The difference between #microblading and #hybridbrows is small, and it lies in the finishing technique.

Our Calgary microblading techs begin by the normal process of microblading, with our fun little handheld tool to create natural looking hair strokes. The magic then comes in by using a different machine to gently DUST color in between those strokes. Technically, when our Calgary microblading techs create hybrid brows, they are microblading as well.

Notice how the brows still look very natural, but it grows into a more solid and contextual color as the arch travels on? Extra depth, extra structure!

Oh, and PSA- hybrid brows are a great option for those oily skin. Adding powder in the microblading process help offset oilier skin tones, while traditional microblading really suits those with drier skin.

(Think about powder and dry skin. Not a ladies favorite look.)

Because #hybridbrows create that additional structure and deeper color, they are a great option for those with lighter hair- and lighter brows. Microblading for lighter brows, or microblading for blonde brows, is typically achieved by a hybrid brow by using that extra pop of color.

To add to all the madness, microblading techs then threw in powder/ombre brows for those wanting a VERY makeup-based look. Don't worry, that 'lil lesson is coming your way soon.

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