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Permanent Make-Up (PMU) Eligibility:

It may come as a surprise, but PMU services are NOT for everyone. Client safety is of upmost importance to us. As a result, we will not perform services on clients whom:

  • Are pregnant,

  • Have been diagnosed with a viral infection or diseases,

  • If you have had Botox in the treatment area within two (2) weeks of your appointment date,

  • if you have had filler in the treatment area within four (4) weeks of your appointment date,

  • If you have recently or are currently sick with a cold or flu-like virus,

  • If you have used Accutane, or a similar acne medication, in the past six (6) months,

  • Have keloid scarring in the treatment area.


A medical certificate stating you are cleared to receive PMU services is required for clients whom: 

  • Are undergoing Chemotherapy (you must consult with your doctor and provide proof of medical consent if proceeding with a PMU service ),

  • Are nursing (breastfeeding),

  • Are diabetic

  • If you have been diagnosed with Epilepsy or are prone to seizures,

  • If you have had an organ transplant,

Pre and Post Service Care is critical to the success of your service. Please read through the below care requirements  and contact us if you have any questions: 

Section 1: Pre-Appointment Care Requirements 

Section 2: Post-Appointment Care Requirements

Section 3: What to Expect 

Section 4: Touch Ups

Pre Appointment

Pre Appointment Care Requirements:

It is critical that all clients review and adhere to the pre-appointment requirements set out below prior to receiving any services. Failure to comply with pre-appointment care requirements may result in a denial to perform services and a forfeit of your non-refundable deposit. Pre-appointment requirements are as follows:


  1. Do not consume alcohol, caffeine or take any type of blood thinner (aspirin, ibuprofen, Niacin) 48 hours before your procedure. Failure to comply with this instruction will cause excessive bleeding and may affect your results.

  2. Do not use any type of skin thinners (Vitamin A, glycolic acids, exfoliation) on the brow area two (2) weeks prior to you appointment.

  3. Do not receive any waxing or brow shaping within two (2) days of your appointment.If you tint your brows, tint it at least one (1) week prior to the procedure.

  4. Do not receive cosmetic Botox within two (2) week of your service and do not recieve any  fillers within four (4) weeks of your appointment. You must also avoid such services for four (4) weeks after receiving PMU services.

  5. Please come to your appointment with your regular brow makeup done. This will provide your artist with the opportunity to see how you like your brows. This step is critical for clients who desire a specific brow shape. If you do not typically do your brow makeup, or if you are open to change, your artist will happily work with you to create a custom brow that is personally suited to you.

Post Appointment

Post Appointment Care Requirements:



Aftercare is crucial. It is very important to adhere to the post-appointment requirements outlined below for ten (10) days after receiving a PMU service. These requirements assist your body with the natural healing process and aid with color retention. Results will vary for all individuals and we cannot guarantee your results. Some clients may require additional appointments to achieve the desired result.


Post-appointment requirements are as follows:


  1. Let your brow tattoo dry heal for 24 hours after your procedure. Do not put anything on your brows. Use a clean facecloth with lukewarm water (slightly damp not wet) to gently clean (pat) your brow tattoo twice a day after the procedure to keep the eyebrow tattoo clean. Do not use soap. Do not rub the treated area. Do not pick scabs.

  2. After the 24-hour healing period has passed you may begin to lightly moisturize your brow tattoo, with the ointment provided, once per day as required for ten (10) days (apply moisture after you have patted them clean). If no ointment was provided, continue with the dry heal process. 

  3. Oily skin types should avoid ointment all together and allow a dry heal process for the 7-10 days. 

  4. Do not expose your brows to the sun during the healing process. UV Rays can alter the pigment of your tattoo. Following the first 10 days, SPF is important for the longevity your micro-pigmentation.

  5. Do not use cleansers, soaps or any other creams on your brow tattoo until the flaking period has stopped. Wash around the area using a cleaning cloth or makeup wipe. 

  6. Do not engage in activity that results in excessive sweating for a minimum of 10 days following and PMU service. Sweat contains salt and can infect and prematurely fade your brow tattoo. Salt in the sweat may also alter the color of your tattoo. 

  7. Do not run water directly on your brow tattoo; you do not want to wash out any pigment.

  8. Do not use Vaseline on your tattoo.

  9. Do not use any makeup, creams, exfoliants on the brows for a minimum of 10 days following your PMU service. 

  10. Do not use a sauna, pool, and/or steam rooms.

  11. Do not get massages or facials or skin treatments for a minimum of 10 days following your PMU service.

  12. Do not go tanning for a minimum of 10 days following your PMU service. If you wish to tan following the 10-day healing period, you should always cover your brow tattoo as the UV rays can alter the color of your tattoo.

  13. Do not use exfoliants, retinol acids, or AHA’s on the brow area. It will fade your tattoo prematurely.

  14. Do not use laser light therapy on your brow tattoo. This can darken, lighten, and distort the pigment.

What to Expect

What To Expect:

As with any PMU procedure, some clients may require additional appointments to achieve their desired look. Please do not expect your brow tattoos to heal perfectly after the first session. Be patient during your 10-day healing period and ensure you are following the post-appointment requirements.


It is important to understand the 10-day healing process is just that, a process. Your brows will change in appearance from day to day. They will first appear very saturated (and you may even think too dark; this stage lasts up to two weeks), then they will likely scab, then you will feel like they have faded, then they will heal into a wonderful powdered brow. 


Do not pick your brows, let any dryness and/or scabbing fall off naturally. If flakes are picked prematurely missing hair stokes will result and cause patchy brows which can lead to scarring. Your brow tattoo will take up to four (4) weeks to completely heal. When the flaking comes off the hair strokes may seem faint this is because a fresh layer of skin has healed over the brow tattoo. Give your brows a few weeks and the hair strokes will become clearer. Colour will continue to change on a daily basis until all healing is complete at the 4-week mark. You may experience itchiness in the brows after the 10 days for up to 2 months due to the healing process of the dermal layer. Not everyone’s hair stroke brows can heal clean and crisp. Hair strokes for oilier skin types tend to heal more solid and powdery while drier skin types tend to heal more crisp and defined. In addition, clients who bleed more tend to require additional touch ups since the blood pushes pigment out during the PMU service.

Touch Ups

Touch Ups:

Allow your brows a minimum of four (4) weeks to heal before booking a touch-up. This gives you the time to decide if you require a touch-up appointment. It takes a full 4 weeks for the color to settle. It is your responsibility to book your touch up appointments.


Clients returning for a touch up, whom have visibility neglected to adhere to the post-appointment requirements, and have significant fading may be subject to additional charges. Clients will be advised if such charges are applicable, prior to any service being completed.

Touch ups are typically scheduled within the first three (3) months of the initial appointment. Touch up appointments are used to perfect the brows and add density. This is a process and some clients may need multiple sessions to achieve their desired result. Maintenance appointments are required to maintain desired results. Depending on your skin type, maintenance appointments should be scheduled, on average, every 9 – 24 months.


It is also important to note that all skin types are different. Some client’s skin may have a harder time retaining pigment and may require additional sessions.

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