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MyBrow and Beauy: Our Servies

Microblading in Calgary and area


My Powdered Ombre Brow

These brows are everything! It's no wonder Powdered Ombre brows are all the rage right now.


Brows are achieved using a machine technique that creates a look very similar to powdered brow makeup, thus giving you a perfectly structured shape with a soft base of color. 

Typically the tails (ends) of the brow are darker, fading to a lighter front; creating a very subtle look. 

Powdered brows are ideal for all skin types, gentle on the skin, and have longer color retention compared to other brow methods.



Initial appointment: $575
Annual touch up: $375
Touch ups start at: $250

MyHybrid Brows

Myhybrid brows are achieved using Microblading (manual hair strokes) or nano (machine strokes). This technique creates very find lines or strokes to replicate the look of real brow hairs. Once the strokes are in place a soft dusting of machine shading is added to give density and color between the hair like strokes. 

This is considered to be the most natural looking brow technique. 

Clients with excessive oily skin will heal to have a soft powder like stokes. Clients with dry flaky skin will heal with more crisp and defined results.


Initial appointment: $525
Annual touch up: $375
Touch ups start at: $250

MyCombo Brows

Mycombo brows are achieved by creating a mypowdered ombre brow and adding microblading or nano strokes to the front.


This technique allows for the structure of the mypowdered brow with some natural hair like enhancement in the front. 


Combo 1.jpg

Initial appointment: $575
Annual touch up: $375
Touch ups start at: $250


MYLIPS can be as bold or as subtle as you desire! Choose from one of the three techniques we offer.


Bold - enhance the lip by giving them a bold  pop of color. We will create a custom color blend specific to you.  

Ombre -  Ombre is a lip stain technique that creates a darker color on the parameter of the lips and fades to a softer more opaque color towards the inside of the lip. 


Blush - Lip Blush enhances the lip by giving them a more defined shape and youthful tint. The end result looks a lot like the work of a sheer lip stain – the kind of subtle kiss of colour you might dream of naturally flaunting.

All lip treatments will last one to three years.


Initial appointment: $575
Annual touch up: $375
Touch ups start at: $250


Eyelash enhancement - a technique that involves tattooing a light line of black ink along the lash line. We fill in between the lashes to create the illusion of thicker, darker, and completely full lashes.


Initial Appointment: $350-500
Touch ups start at: $125

My Microneedling

This treatment is known as collagen induction therapy because it is known for boosting collagen production in the skin. The resulting increase of collagen can contribute to a reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and stretch marks. 

Microneedling induces the production of new college in the skin known as neocollagenesis. Collagen is the protein that helps give our skin strength and elasticity, and replaces dead skin cells.  As we age our collagen production begins to slow down which can lead to signs of aging. 

By using microneedling, a controlled method of causing skin injury (poking tiny holes in the skin), triggers the skin to go into repair mode. As a result, the body produces new collagen and elastin (another protein found in the skin that provides our skin with elasticity). 

Microneedling encourages the growth of fibroblasts, epithelial and endothelial cells, which can equate to a more even skin tone and a healthy glow. 


Starting at: $200

MyScalp Micro-pigmentation

Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP), is the process of implanting pigment into the scalp to mimic the look of a shaved head. Tiny dots (pixels) are created to look like hair follicles.

This technique is great for both men and women. It can be used to treat the appearance of alopecia, thinning hair, and balding.


Prices for this service vary based on client. A unique quote will be provided. 

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