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Being a #bossbabe AND #megamom

Id like to start by introducing myself to my new followers, and say hello again to those who have me been supporting and following me for a while now.

My name is Jennifer and I am the owner of MyBrow & Beauty and the co owner and educator of Innovative Beauty Academy.

I want to talk a bit about being a mom to my two beautiful girls in the photos and how they helped drive me to becoming a #bossbabe. These two have been my sidekicks and best friends from the very beginning. We also now have Ty, 2 years old (but that’s for another story- cue adorable baby pictures soon.)

Trust me- the beginning of my #pmu journey was not easy.

There were many years I was a single mom trying to make ends meet. I worked several jobs in the social work & Child development field, and even nights as a bartender all while in university and supporting my girls. It wasn’t easy - but we made it work. I remember times we couldn’t afford internet or cable and I would tell them it was because I wanted them to play outside more. They didn’t know it was a financial thing at the time; they just thought it was a decision I made to force them to play. But this worked and they would tell you they now have many incredible memories of us building snow forts or going to the park.

At times, people have a hard time believing we did go through those struggles. But believe me when I say, those struggles alone were a huge driving factor in pursuing my goals. Parenting is HARD . Each age comes with challenges and now running a business adds to our days as family. I feel like the most incredible part of my kids upbringing has been watching my work ethic develop within them, their empathy towards others and the love they have for each other. They are the very best of friends. This is how I know I’ve done a good job - or really, the best I could have.The biggest thing I have found to keep it all going smooth or as smooth as possible is simply communication and LOVE. We have always had long honest talks. I have always tried to listen to them and validate their feelings. And now self care has also come into play for all of us. As a family we love going to spin class or cooking healthy meals together.

(Don’t get me wrong- this isn’t always possible and we will also order takeout, and have lots of move nights with tonnnnnnes of chocolate! )

Taela is now 18, a student at the university of Lethbridge studying nursing and has a solid 4.0 GPA. Makera, 16 is a talented singer and incredible student in grade 11. She is starting her career with singing and has already started to built a name for herself as well and continues to grow. I believe in them with my whole heart and will always support them in anything they do.

How MyBrow & Beauty Was Born

Working hard wasn’t an option. It was a necessity. When I decided to change careers, I knew I was going to have to continue to work hard. I developed a love for this industry and my job; to have built an incredible business that I enjoy coming to every day.

Getting started was somewhat rocky, if you can believe it.

I borrowed money from my mom - my #1 supporter since day one 🖤 - and trained in microblading in hopes of a great side gig. But, as a new artist, I realized this craft is a lot harder than expected - and my own self doubt left me wondering if I was going to be able to persevere and be successful. But looking at my girls each night, I knew that I had to keep rolling with it and I continued with classes in #microblading, #hybridbrows, #powderbrows and so many more. I now hold 26 permanent makeup certifications and through doing so, I found an insane love for this industry that I never though I would have.

No matter what, I wanted my daughters to feel beautiful, confident and like they are able to take on the world. When I look at these girls, that's what radiates back to me. It's the same radiation I see from my client's faces each and everyday that leaves me feeling 🖤 So. Incredibly. Blessed 🖤 to be succeeding in an industry that enhances the natural beauty of both women and men.

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