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Fixing Microblading That Went Wrong: Microblading Corrections & Coverups

Right off the hop, I want you guys to know that this blog post is not intended to put down or criticize other artists. We all start somewhere in the industry, and as #bossbabes, we learn and grow together as microblading trends evolve. This blog is purely to help educate and answer the questions I walk my potential clients through.

Microblading that's gone wrong happens. We can't always blame the microblading tech- there's a tonne of other factors that go into the success of a microblading session. Usually though, something went a little awry during the appointment.

Why do eyebrows turn a different color?

There are many factors to this. Skin type, lifestyle, pigment choice, color theory knowledge, technique, and experience. Even the best in the industry have been faced with challenges of their own work blending together or fading to an undesirable color.

Working with the wrong colored brows

I strongly believe we need to always be honest and acknowledge whether or not we are the right person for the job of corrections.

Often when we are covering a color, we are also changing the size, shape and symmetry of the already bladed brow. This is often where we find the biggest challenge. When we alter the shape and size, we are now working on what we call virgin skin. We must first correct the existing colour and old work and then chose  a different colour on the virgin skin.

Scar Tissue Plays a Role

The next challenge will be scar tissue, as much as you often does not retain as well and may not be ideal for all techniques. Scar tissue is harder to work with, as it doesn't retain color very well and may not suit all techniques. Depending on the amount of saturation sometimes we are able to cover it with ease other times we may need to consider removal, lightning, or a powdered brow.

(A lightening, removal and new powder brow for this stunner!)

Avoid Microblading Disasters

Choose Your Tech Wisely

I always recommend sending a photo or booking a consultation once you’ve decided to get your brows done again so that the artist is able to assess your current eyebrows and give you the best course of action. With that being said, research the heck of your microblading tech. Look at before and afters, reviews, social media accounts and make sure to ask lots of questions.


Check the Equipment

A good microblading studio will always use sanitized equipment, but ensure that the studio of your choosing follows the highest level of sanitization and cleanliness.

Follow Aftercare!

Your microblading tech knows whats up. Follow the aftercare provided to make sure your brows stay healthy and retain as much color as possible.

Go in with an Idea

Have pictures ready of the style, shape and color of brows you would like rather than "winging it."

Microblading Still Went Wrong?

Don't panic! It can likely be fixed. You have two options at this point.

(Beautiful powder coverup for this beauty.)

Option #1- Let them fade and fade and fade...then fade some more. This will make it a lot easier for your next tech to work with whatever is left.

Option #2- Can't wait that long? Be sure to wait until your next touch up date- even if you go with another tech. The skin will be too sensitive to work on again and you won't get the results you were looking for.

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