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Men's Microblading - #guybrows are Real (and We Can't Get Enough)

#microblading . Typically seen as a woman's necessity, it's often over looked that men can slay their #brows as well. In fact, microblading for men is 100% a thing (and we're really, really feeling #guybrows).

Microblading for Men

Microblading for men isn't exactly a new phenomenon. Men have been part of the microblading scene for a while, just not as common. It's totally seen as a woman's gig, but we LOVE a good set of brows on our favorite fellas.

Microblading is the implantation of pigment into the eyebrows, with a small handheld tool, that mimics the look of hairs. So, unlike #powderbrows, microblading doesn't mimic the look of makeup- making microblading a wicked option for any guys out there looking to frame their face or create fuller brows. Men are no strangers to thinning brows, or losing hair in areas of the brows.

Medical conditions also see no gender, and #microblading is a safe, effective option for those struggling with cancer, alopecia and trichotillomania - to name a few.

Pick Your Microblading Tech Wisely

Unlike women, men generally do not draw in their eyebrows with makeup and will rely heavily on their brow artist to design and shape their brows. It's super, super important your #calgarymicroblading tech has experience with #malebrowenhancements ; there are multiple hair stroke patterns out there, including options that suit a males natural hair growth pattern.

At MyBrow&Beauty, we find that the best method of microblading for men is actually a good set of #hybridbrows ; a perfect combo of microblading and shading creates the most natural look for every day wear.

Curious how men and microblading look together? We thought you might be. Head on over to our YouTube below, and check out Jen creating perfect #guybrows at the MyBrow&Beauty studio.

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