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Does Microblading Hurt?: The Honest Truth

Whether or not microblading hurts is likely one of the most common questions our Calgary microblading technicians are asked when consulting for a fresh set of brows.

Since microblading is a semi permanent tattoo, it’s a fair assumption to make that microblading may be painful.

Good news though MyBeauties: it rarely is.


The Microblading Method

Unlike traditional tattooing, microblading is more technique than anything. Rather than a machine, a hand held tool implants pigment into the skin after some seriously careful mapping (for your perfect shape.) Tiny, hair-like inked strands create a natural and structured look whether your have little to no brows, or just seeking a fuller brow.

Microblading is perfect for those looking to create or enhance brows; microblading mimics the look of hair and provides beautiful structure to your eyes and face.

It’s pretty easy to see the allure of microblading; permanently perfect brows and no daily brow grooming?

Yes. Please. We have a wicked video of the microblading process by our brow queen, Jen, at the bottom of this post.


The Blade is the Name of the Microblading Game

Now, don’t freak out. We have to get this out the way.

Microblading still uses what’s similar to a blade to insert these natural looking strokes on your brow. It isn’t really a blade though- the tool is made of tiny tightly placed pins that look like a pin. It can be freaky for some, especially those who haven’t gotten any ink before. But honestly, microblading is not hours of pain.

Sure, for some it can be a little uncomfortable and it does feel a little…uncomfortable. The secret to avoiding pain while microblading lies in the numbing creams applied, the depth in which the tool pigments the skin and the experience of your microblading technician.


Numbing Cream Decreases Pain in Microblading

Our Calgary microblading technicians are heavy handed with the numbing creams during the microblading process- and you’ll thank us for it.

A topical numbing cream is applied pre procedure, when the skin hasn’t been touched by the hand tool. This cream eliminates quite a bit of feeling in the affected area, so from the get-go, you’re not feeling much. MyBrow&Beauty uses a stronger topical anesthetic with multiple anesthetic ingredients.

We’ve always got you covered.

So much so, that we use a second numbing cream after the skin has began the microblading process and is actively being pigmented. Throughout your microblading process, our Calgary microblading technicians routinely apply these numbing creams so you really don’t feel much at all.



Microblading Doesn’t Hurt with the Right Technique

Just like everything in life, the way you do it determines the outcome, right?

Technique is everything when considering the pain level during microblading. Microblading hurts when the wrong technique is used, and your skin isn’t being respected. The pressure applied when pigmenting the skin is crucial for a comfortable microblading experience.

Pressure determines the depth in which the tool pigments the skin. Too light? You’re looking at poor retention and uneven results. Too deep? You run the risk of scarring, ashy brows, uneven brows- and yes, your microblading will hurt.

Our microblading techs use their multitude of experience and knowledge to know exactly how much pressure to apply, how deep to work with the skin and where to implant the pigment on each individual set of (soon to be) perfect brows.


Microblading Doesn’t Hurt with the Right Technician

You can never be too careful with who you choose when microblading. Really, you cant.

Choosing the right tech will play a huge part in avoiding pain while microblading, as well as getting a set of killer brows that work for your face.

(ps. Mapping is everything- but that’s a subject for another day.)

Our Calgary microblading technicians are pro’s when it comes to making sure your microblading doesn’t hurt. MyBrow&Beauty holds 27 world recognized permanent makeup certifications- we’re licenced, we’re insured and ASH services approved.

Best part is that we take your comfort very seriously, which means we never run out of numbing cream.

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