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Powdered Ombré Brows Are As Beautiful As They Sound

Last week, we talked about #hybridbrows - the perfect combination of #microblading and #powder to achieve a natural makeup look. For those beauties wanting

Powdered ombré is a new technique that has hit the microblading industry by storm. Although our Calgary microblading techs have a love for all the techniques that we perform, (and do not feel that there is a one type fits all)- powdered ombré and combination eyebrows definitely have a special place at MyBrow&Beauty.

I started in the industry with traditional microblading, and very quickly into my career decided to take a machine class. At first this was a scary venture- one I was not sure I would pursue. But I stuck with it, took many more classes and found a true passion with machine techniques including #permanenteyeliner, #scalpmicropigmentation, #lipblush and #areolatattoos.

During the traditional microblading process, and hybrid as well, a hand held tool is used to implement pigment into the skin to mimic natural hair strokes. Powdered ombré brows are created using an entirely different machine- and using powder as a pigment for sharp brows. Powdered ombré builds on a pixel technique, and unlike microblading (which is essentially a body tattoo) remains very surface to the skin. The healed results of powder brows looks very similar to beautifully done powder makeup. Often people question the word ombré. Ombré describes the process of light to dark in a natural and seamless way. Just as nails and hair can be done ombré, so can eyebrows! The ombré affect of the eyebrow is dark in the tail and light to the head of the brow. At this point, you are able to add a few hair strokes to the front of the eyebrow creating a combo brow or leave it with the fade of color.

Powdered eyebrows also hold the shape that was originally designed and this is a huge preference for clients. Microblading alone sometimes tends to shrink as our body heals.  For this reason, our microblading techs always add machine powder to all my techniques including microblading to create the hybrid effect. Oh, and not to mention- on average, powdered ombré has a tendency to last six months longer than microblading on its own. Brows on point for longer? Yaaaas please.

[Powdered ombré brows are a perfect way to cover up old, unwanted work due to the full coverage this method provides.]

Alone, powdered ombré can be done in all the same colours as traditional microblading. Powder brows can be done in a subtle way, or can go as bold as you would like. It's a really flexible process that gives you a tonne of options when considering permanent brows.

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